JB FAJA  (w/SleevesBra) 0820
JB FAJA  (w/SleevesBra) 0820
JB FAJA  (w/SleevesBra) 0820
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JB FAJA (w/SleevesBra) 0820

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This faja combines features that make it a very reliable garment for daily Wear or After a surgery.

  • A high back design helps to correct the posture and hide back rolls.
  • Stretchy fabric on the butt area-perfect for BBL procedures
  • Knee-length shaper
  • Helps skin to adhere to the muscle
  • Butt lifter effect
  • Ideal as daily use
  • 100% Colombian product
  • (Stage 2) Faja 

Sleeves: The sleeves on this faja bring added arm support. This is especially needed after getting work done in your arms. Get all the compression benefits for better-sculpted arms. These added sleeves are perfect to avoid axillary fat. 

Breast Support: A faja with an incorporated Bra (3 Level of Hooks) brings added breast support (stretchy material). It is perfect for anyone who had a breast lift or augmentation or someone who just wants the daily support without having to wear a bra. Get all the compression benefits for better-sculpted breasts and daily comfort. Don't worry about finding a bra for your faja get that compression all in one faja and avoid having back rolls.    

Bathroom ZipperNo need to take it off and putting it back on for every bathroom trip.  Garment comes with a wide perineal space.

Added Back & Midsection Support:  Complete sculpting of the back and midsection.  

Compression: Our fajas are made for sculpting a smaller waist. All while providing spacious room for full and rounded buttocks.  No butt or hip compression and extra stretch in the hips. 3 Variable Compression Hooks to control your compression level. 

Recommendation use: Breast Augmentation, Arm Liposuction, Midsection Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, or Tummy Tuck. Highly recommended in post-operative, post-delivery, molding, and maintenance. 


Black Material Runs smaller - We recommend sizing up one size

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